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  • Bedtime beauty salon?

    Gorgeous ladies out there, you better be taking really good care of your beauty!   Going to a beauty salon frequently as we recommended and getting the care, you deserve. Ladies do not neglect your beauty, make sure you go pamper yourself with gorgeous hair treatment, captivating hair style, seducing hair…

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  • Summer nail polish colors for 2017

    Your looks my lady say a lot about you, more than you think your colors give the first impression about you. your hair color, hair style, eyebrows shape, manicure and pedicure…

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  • Beauty trends of the year

    A woman is a creature of divine beauty, just like a beautiful landscape fresh and sweet; however, for a reason or another, this creature of beauty may let her beauty get blurry underneath the dust of a crowded and hectic daily-life schedule!   Between the early starts at work, all the rough tasks and the busy afternoons, you my lady find it a little hard to manage and take care of your looks and visit a beauty salon. Have no fear, because we are here to give you a hand ‘’Superheroine’’. 

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  • Facial treatments at a beauty salon in Dubai

    Every woman needs to give care to the choice of her beauty centre in Dubai, which will offer her a wide variety of beauty services, from professional manicure and pedicure, majestic makeup and eyelashes,…

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  • How to protect your hair color!

    Taking care of your looks has become not only an option, rather a necessity nowadays. That’s exactly why, there is a huge number of women who periodically pay a visit to a very well-known and professional beauty salon in Dubai, like “1888 Beauty Salon” in order for them to benefit from the various beauty services and ensure a stunning appearance! If you ever need to change your hair…

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  • How changing your hair color to Red changes your life!

    Not every woman would dare go to a beauty salon in Dubai, and ask for a drastic change in her hair style or hair color! However there comes a point in your life, when you know you are just tired of conforming to what others think or say about your looks, beauty, hair…

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